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Nov 05, 2015 · kg. 3200. 6000. 6300. The following is pictures took during the Philiconstruct exhibition in recent years. Up to now, we offer many mini pump concrete pumping for sale. Technology innovation enables concrete mini pump to have wide range of application, …

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Piston grout pump can be called extrusion pump, hose extrusion pump, it can be used not only for long-distance transport of high-concentration and high-viscosity materials such as mortar, grout, and pulp but also for compressed air (pressure 4.4-0.6) Mpa. The gas volume is 0.3-0.6m3) and the spray gun can also be used for spraying work.

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Mortar Injection Pump for Waterproofing for Highway Construction. Manufacturer: Leadcrete. mortar injection pump for waterproofing for highway construction Description of grout pump : LGP400/700/80PL-E grout station is a combination of mixer, agitator and grout pump in one plant. It is mainly used in hi

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Mortar diesel grouting mixer for sale is a high speed mixer for grouting works, our factory has many kinds of grout mixer for your choice, if you want to buy grout mixer, please check our website and leave message for us, we have a wide range of grout mixer and agitator, cheap grout mixer, electric grout mixer and agitator, diesel cement grout mixer and agitator.

Diesel Concrete Pump-Strong Power High Efficiency Flexible Use

Wide application of diesel concrete mixing pump. 1. Small and medium-sized construction projects, including township civil construction, new rural construction, township cement pavement, etc. 2. The mine, highway, railway, tunnel and culvert works. 3. Side slope care, small and medium-sized reservoirs and water conservancy and hydro-power

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It allows applications of epoxy coating within four hours, and has a wide tempera-ture application range. EMACO® T430 A one-component rapid-strength repair mortar with extended working time, ideally suited for hot weather applications. It allows applications of epoxy coating within six hours. SET® 45 A one-component concrete and anchoring mortar

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LGP400/700/320/100TPI-E grout mixing station consists of a mixing tank, an agitator tank and a high-pressure slurry pump, it is a whole unit plant of mixing, agitating and grouting to make bentonite slurry, cement slurry, etc. and then grouting the slurry under high pressure in the application construction, mining, railway, hydropower, highway and other ground and underground construction.

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4. Wide application,could spray mortar and powder and so on. 5. Spray gun and nozzle can operate any direction. 6. New modified system by thousand sales experience,free standard spare parts,if over-heating change motor . Detailed Photos of Diesel Automatic Wall Plaster Sprayer Gun Cement Mortar …

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UBJ1.8 Squeeze mortar cement grouting pump . UBJ1.8 Squeeze mortar grouting pump . The squeeze grouting machine has the ability of suction and no lubrication, no pump valve, no seal, the pumping material is not polluted, the system is automatically cleaned, the wearing parts are less, and the maintenance is convenient.

Mobile Portable Cement Mortar Mixer Mobile Self-Loading

Mobile Self Loading Portable Concrete Mixer. Standard type Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer JS2000. JS2000 is twin shaft horizontal forced type mixer. It can mix dry hard concrete plastic concrete flowing concrete light weight aggregate concrete and various mortar it is a high-efficiency machine with wide application.

Single cylinder mortar pump with wide application

Single cylinder mortar pump with wide application LMP50/40 mortar pump is a single-cylinder single-acting piston type mortar pump machine . It has the advantages of compact structure, reliable operation, low failure rate, convenient cleaning and maintenance, and high pumping pressure.

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Dry mixed mortar plant is designed for enterprises which have small production scale of special dry mortar. It is a kind of modular production line which can meet the needs of producing multiple species dry mixed mortar and ordinary mortar in small bat 350Th Sand Production Line In Turkey.

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The design of a fast cement plaster spray machine is reasonable. The pump and compressor are integrated, which is easy to move. The screw cement spray machine feeds continuously without a pulse phenomenon. Wide practicability. A cement spray machine can be sprayed with dry powder mortar or ordinary mortar. Spray evenly and strong adhesion.

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Aug 01, 2019 · Wide Applications of Concrete Pump for Sale . The pump machine consists of pump body and conveying pipe. It is a kind of machinery that uses pressure to continuously transport concrete along pipe. It is mainly used in house construction, bridges, and tunnel construction. At present, for different pump types, it mainly adopts the S valve

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UBJ1.8 Squeeze mortar cement grouting pump . UBJ1.8 Squeeze mortar grouting pump . The squeeze grouting machine has the ability of suction and no lubrication, no pump valve, no seal, the pumping material is not polluted, the system is automatically cleaned, the wearing parts are less, and the maintenance is convenient.

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Dry mix mortar plant is a kind of construction equipment that is used to produce various of commercial mortar, such as masonry mortar, color mortar, decoration mortar, plastering mortar and so on. These mortars are used in the construction and decoration projects. As the wide application of dry mix mortar, dry mix mortar plant is become more

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Aug 01, 2019 · 20 ton dry mortar production line has a series of standard parts. According to different types, it can be divided into step type, tower type, and simple type. Its equipment has different options depending on the requirements and market. In conclusion, it has wide applications and many functions.

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Features. Wide range of use: The equipment can meet the requirements of various types of dry mortar production. Such as masonry mortar, plaster mortar, polymer mortar required for thermal insulation, polystyrene granule insulation mortar, and other dry powder mortar.

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Types of stationary concrete pumps. Static concrete pump has many types, such as, static trailer concrete pumps for sale, static concrete boom pump, static line concrete pump and stationary concrete mixer pump.Various types have various features and applications, you …

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Product Description Mortar spraying machine, a kind of spraying machine can be called mortar sprayer, mortar spray equipment, cement mortar spraying machine, stucco machine which has a wide range of uses.It is commonly used for indoor and outdoor wall spraying, cement mortar grouting, bridge grouting and waterproof, fireproof, ceiling, wall, paint, garden spraying, as well as relief effect