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The various factors affecting the mix design are: factor affecting the strength of concrete at a given age and cured at a prescribed temperature is the degree of compaction. According to Abraham's law the strength of fully compacted concrete is inversely proportional to the For Pumpable Mix : -10 % 57 . 5.c. Adjustments of values in


Mar 21, 2016 · Several factors including line length, number of bends in the line, type of line, size of line, height to which the concrete is being pumped, and the concrete mixture affect the effective working capacity of a concrete pump. Concrete mixture proportions of pumpable mixtures are essentially the same as those to be placed by other methods

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By far the most important single factor in producing pumpable concrete is the adequacy of presoaking the aggregate. If aggregate is adequately and consistently presoaked, the problems of pumping lightweight are little different from those of pumping normal weight concrete.


Aug 20, 2021 · The various factors which can bring about the deterioration of concrete are the salty environment, moisture, and carbon dioxide Concrete can deteriorate when exposed to aggressive environments such as seawater or salt spray, raw sewage acids, groundwater, acid …

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For normal structural concrete work, the maximum size of aggregate may be used as 38 mm whereas for high strength concrete it may be 10 mm to 20 mm. 4. Grading of Combined Aggregate: In a concrete mix, the relative proportions of the fine and coarse aggregates are one of the important factors which affect the strength of the concrete.

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Mar 19, 2017 · Factors affecting setting: Following are the factors that affect the setting of concrete. 1. Water Cement ratio 2. Suitable Temperature 3. Cement content 4. Type of Cement 5. Fineness of Cement 6. Relative Humidity 7. Admixtures 8. Type and amount of Aggregate. 2. Workability of Concrete

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popularization of pumping of concrete. There is definite need to standardize the. mix design method of pumpable concrete. My further plan will be to work on M25, M30., M 35 grade of concrete in more detail. Further to understand the effect of paste. content with strength and if its value is too. high than required.

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What are the Factors Affecting Concrete Pumpability? Pumpable concrete is a type of concrete transferred to a considerable height through pipes and used when a significant amount of concrete is required to be placed. The pumpability of concrete is influenced by several factors like cementitious materials, aggregate

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Major Problems in Concrete Pumping Works. 1. Blockage of Concrete Pump. Blockage can occur due to numerous bends in the pipeline, too sharp or too wide turns, gap-graded aggregate, and failure to clean and maintain the pipeline after each concreting work. High water-cement ratio and long waiting-time at construction site during which concrete

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Pumpable concrete emerging from a pipeline flows in the form of a plug which is separated from the pipe wall by a thin lubricating layer consisting of cement paste. Northumbria, part of the 16 000 m3 of concrete which contained 30% PFA replacement was placed by pump, in 1982-83. Factors to be considered were ground sulphates, exposure to


key parameters affecting concrete mobility and stability under pressure, i.e. pumpability. Taking into account the mechanics of full size pumping equipment, the concept The difficulty however, lies in defining what is a pumpable mixture or what are the mechanisms behind the transport of concrete under pressure in a tube.

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In order to optimize the concrete pumping operation, the most efficient configuration of the system must be determined. The correct line pressure must be determined to move concrete at a specified rate of flow through a pipeline of a particular length and diameter. The major factors affecting pipeline pressure are: Pumping rate; Line diameter

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Aug 15, 2021 · A pumpable concrete must move through the pipeline in the form of a cylinder or slug that is separated from the walls of the pipeline using the lubricating layer of water, cement and fine sand. a wrong choice of pumping system for a given concrete mix adversely affect the concrete pumping operation. Top 15 Factors Affecting Strength of

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Aug 16, 2021 · Several factors affect the pumpability of concrete, including cementitious materials, aggregate properties, admixtures, and batching and mixing of concrete ingredients. Various cementitious ingredients, such as fly ash and silica fumes, improve the performance of pumped concrete. As a result, the maximum aggregate size should not exceed one-quarter of the diameter of the pumping pipe, and …

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Jan 05, 2015 · • Pumpable concrete emerging from a pipeline flows in the form of a plug which is separated from the pipe wall by a thin lubricating layer consisting of cement paste. above 40 0 C are reached, poses some problems. High temperature and reduced relative humidity are the main climatic factors affecting concrete. In India, most of the areas

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Factors Affecting Strength And Workability Of Concrete Read More. Methods of Concrete Mix Design For Medium Strength Concretes Read More. 4 comments on "M-80 Grade Pumpable Concrete" Tanveer says: March 22, 2014 at 4:10 pm. Use of psc cement in building construction. Reply. D. PANDA says: October 3, 2016 at 2:57 am.

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Mar 19, 2016 · Selection of Concrete Mix Proportions. Concrete mix proportions is a process of optimization of several desirable characteristics based on the project requirements. The characteristics to be optimized are economy, strength, durability, and placeability. 1. Economy. The primary reason for systematically determining mixture proportions is economy.

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