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Lagoon Equipment : Lagoon Pump. The Lagoon Pump is designed to operate in very deep pits. With power requirements of 155hp + this pump is ideal for large farmer and contractors alike. Features include: 25` long pump suitable for steep sided deep lagoons. Hydraulic controlled multi directional mixing nozzle, ideal for breaking up thick crust.

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Solid/liquid separation in primary screening, scum screening and sludge thickening. Internally and externally fed rotary screens, in-channel conveyor screens/washers, sludge thickeners, screw presses & conveyors, static screens, de-gritters, septage receiver stations, sidehill screens, stand-alone screening units and shaftless screw presses and compactors.

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The Lagoon PTO Agitator is available with a fixed propeller or with an up and down articulation. This articulation aims to create more turbulence and reduces agitation time. The 20° upward articulation allows you to break the crust from underneath. The 20° downward articulation forces the crust pieces towards the propeller and agitates sediments.

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NC Lagoon Mixers come in 2 sizes – 20 ft (6.1 metres) and 25 ft (7.6 metres). The body is fully galvanised and of robust construction. Easy adjustment of inclination by double acting hydraulic cylinder. Quick attach lift arm coupling. 650mm Impeller. Rounded park stand to prevent damage to lagoon lining.

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STORAGE TANK, SLURRY PIT, AND LAGOON MIXERS. A variety of propeller mixers suited for the most challenging applications. The unique self-cleaning propeller is designed for applications where the treated mass must be kept in a homogeneous state without dispersing the characteristic gasses used for biogas.

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liquid manure agitators, liquid manure pumps, manure hauling equipment and slurry tankers. In 1902, Simon Nuhn opened a blacksmith shop in Wartburg, Ontario, Canada. Since then, much has changed as Simon's small blacksmith shop evolved into Nuhn Industries Ltd., an international manufacturer of liquid manure equipment.

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Slurry Pumps : Super 3000. The Super 3000 model range is designed for mid size tractors ranging typically from 80 – 120hp providing flow rates of up to 3000 gallons per minute (13,500 litres per minute). The main features are: Two point linkage c/w quick attach lifting bar. Mixing spout revolves through a wide arc allowing slurry to be mixed

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Picture 18 Lagoon Pump Estonia. NC Engineering > Agricultural Machinery > Slurry Mixers : Lagoon Mixer > Picture 18 Lagoon Pump Estonia. Picture 18 Lagoon Pump Estonia. Published on May 9, 2013 in Slurry Mixers : NC Engineering is a diversified manufacturing firm producing a wide range of machinery for the agricultural and construction

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- Lagoon mixing pumps. It is used for mixing liquid manure, immediately before taking material from the lagoon, avoiding its separation into solid and liquid fractions. - Pump-diesel station. Equipped with a pump specifically designed for working with manure. - Hose system. Consists of a main hose, hose reel and an injector or manure sprayer.

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Slurry/Lagoon Pump Gallery NC offer the complete range of tractor-driven Slurry Pumps/Agitators for the modern farmer or contractor, with models suitable for tractors from 80hp. Mixing capacity's from 3000 gallons per minute (13,500 litres per minute) to 4800 gallons …

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Specification lagoon discharge pump ER2-S. ER2-type centrifugal slurry pump to be powered with PTO-shaft with a carriage to pull down into a lagoon on the slope. Carriage with drawbar to be connected to tractor lower linkage. An even ramp leading up to the crest of the lagoon is needed to back the pump and tractor against the edge of the lagoon.

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Binderberger T603/slurry mixer/manure stirrer/6 m long/agitator. Manufacturer: Binderberger Binderberger T603 - manure mixer/ manure agitator-6 m long -Hydr. swivelling aid -mixer blade 4 - compartment, serrated, Ø 600 mm -pivot shaft Available from stock!Price net, plus VAT.

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NC Slurry Pumps, Mixers, Seperators & Lagoon Equipment NC offer the complete range Slurry handling equipment. NC have been manufacturing slurry handling equipment since the mid seventies.

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Equipment Menu Toggle. AFCO Dewatering Fast Flow Series; Dewatering; Filtration Menu Toggle. Filter Press; Slurry Tank; Cartridge Filter Vessel; Bag Filter Vessel; Pumps; Separation Menu Toggle. Oil Water Separator; Mixing

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ORGANIC WASTE SOLUTIONS Doda USA offers a wide selection of specialized, high performance equipment to execute your agricultural, industrial and municipal solid waste management plan. DODA INDUSTRIAL Our industrial line offers solutions for waste transfer stations, wastewater treatment plants and biogas plants. View Our Products DODA AGRICULTURE Providing farmers with waste and manure …