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T125 Truck Mounted Concrete Pump. JACON's enhanced range of concrete pumps vary in output capabilities to provide a variety of concrete pumping services such as View product.

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Jan 27, 2020 · This concrete line pump is a 9,000 lb. pump that measures 27' 11" x 8' 5" x 6' 8". Its hopper can hold 14.1 cubic feet of material. It features a 45-gallon hydraulic tank, a 150-gallon water tank and a 22-gallon fuel tank.


Safety is a major concern of every person involved in the concrete pumping industry. It is vital to everyone involved with concrete pumping, from the concrete pump operator, to the ready mix driver, to the man on the end of the hose and to the construction contractor, that at all times they all must make safety a …

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A concrete pump attachment usually is used with a 2-inch delivery line, much smaller than the truck lines. The smaller diameter typically reduces material velocity and minimizes trapped air, for more uniform results. Concrete pump attachments can also be used with a 1.5-inch delivery line and a fine grout mix to further minimize material velocity.

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Graco's range of high-volume concrete pumps are designed to make your precast concrete production more efficient. Graco concrete pumps (piston and rotor stator) are capable of pumping large volumes into various moulds such as columns, beams, wall panels, railroad ties, underground utilities, pipes and more. With a range of sizes and capabilities, our pumps can support everything up to large

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Boom concrete pumps allow the pipeline to reach along, upwards and below. Hence tight spots can be cast by these pumps. Obstacles during the concrete casting path can be easily overcome by such pumps. 2. Line Concrete Pumps Line concrete pumps are compact units that are mainly used for small construction projects.

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Mar 22, 2019 · A concrete line pump is a long hose attached to a stationary pump mounted on a trailer. This hose allows you to more easily direct the concrete pour and is great for horizontal pumping, as you can extend the hose virtually as long as you need it.

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Specialized Concrete Pump Trucks. Lakeside Concrete Pumping utilizes a unique 2" pump line set off of their trucks. As oppose to the standard 4" pump line set, these 2" line pump trucks are much easier to navigate to every nook and cranny of your concrete project. Top of the Line 2" Concrete Pump Trucks; Almost 20 Years of Concrete Pumping Experience

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Concrete pump is a very common equipment on construction sites. It can pump concrete to high-rise buildings. Camelway provides customers with various types of concrete pumps, including concrete trailer pumps, concrete pump trucks, concrete line pumps, concrete boom pumps, concrete mixer pumps, etc.

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Archived catalogs. The worldwide biggest truck-mounted concrete pump on construction sites. 2 Pages. PUMI® Truck-mixer concrete pumps. 9 Pages. Putzmeister Solid Pumps - Clean and economical solutions for conveying different types of materials. 40 Pages. High density solids pumps KOS. 8 Pages.

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The C30HD Mayco small line concrete pump from Multiquip is ideal for shotcrete applications of harsh, stiff and low plump mixes. Ideal for swimming pools, ditch linings, soil stabilisation, walls and more.

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Theo Concrete Output. 100/55 m³/h 100/62 m³/h 92/48 m³/h 100/50 m³/h 90/50 m³/h. C6 Series Line Pump. Theo Delivery Pressure 9/18 - 13/25MPa. Theo Concrete Output 92/48 - 100/62m³/h. Upper Engine Power 132 - 230kW. Theo Delivery Pressure: 9/18 - 13/25MPa. Theo Concrete Output: 92/48 - …

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Concrete pump hire costs can vary but, as a guide, expect to pay around £300-£400 on top of the price of the concrete. How far can you pump concrete? A line pump can cover distances of around 150 metres while boom pumps can reach approximately half this distance.

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Description. This guide discusses the use of pumps for transporting and placing concrete. Rigid and flexible pipelines, couplings and other accessories, and the various types of concrete pumps are discussed. The importance of proportioning a pumpable concrete mixture is emphasized with reference to sources for further direction on its design.

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The Cemstone high-rise concrete boom and pump is ideal for optimizing concrete placing speed, reaching as much as 50% faster than tower crane and bucket. With a 114′ reach and a 17,700-pound picking weight, utilizing this boom and pump on your high-rise project is simple and straightforward.

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Jun 06, 2012 · This phenomenon can happen at the start of delivery when concrete is first pumped through the line, whenever the line is broken apart and reassembled, or when the concrete level in the pump hopper gets too low, allowing air to enter the pump. Air introduced into the line is compressed by the pressure exerted by the pump on the concrete.

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Full SP Line Product Guide. 2019 SP Product Guide (PDF) Warranty Statements. CAT Warranty Statement (PDF) SCHWING Product Warranty (PDF) Video Tutorials. How to start new generation SCHWING SP line pumps. February 13, 2020 Concrete Pump Wear Parts: have you checked yours recently? Ask a Line Pump Mechanic Redwood Empire Concrete Pumping