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Putzmeister truck-mounted concrete boom pumps are a smart investment with quick setup, high uptime, and optimum service. They let you complete jobs faster and with superior results. With an extensive experience, Putzmeister continues its commitment to engineering tomorrow's concrete …

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Putzmeister Concrete Pumps GmbH Max-Eyth-Straße 10 · 72631 Aichtal Postfach 2152 · 72629 Aichtal Tel. +49 (7127) 599-0 · Fax +49 (7127) 599-520 [email protected] · .putzmeister.com Further brochures: Ergonic® BP 3763 Stationary concrete pumps BP 2632 Delivery line systems PM 2300

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Official DY Corporation brochures 2018 year. 11 full color 2-p ages leaflets + folder. DY Concrete Pumps Model Range DAEWOO HYUNDAI Truck Chassis Set Brochures 2018 | eBay Skip to main content

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Furthermore, these truck-mounted concrete pumps are not deterred by strict licensing regulations. Their low unloaded weight provides additional load capacity for functional fluids and accessories. The wide flatbed with anti-slip surface provides sufficient space in this regard. Ergonomic steps on the hopper enable easy cleaning. The

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Putzmeister machines were used for 17 km of tunnels with 1.7 million m³ of rubble. 5 statio-nary concrete pumps conveyed some 360000 m³ of concrete using two MX 32-4 placing booms. The Putzmeister engineers had developed the concept for the concreting. Benefits of lattice tower systems at a glance Anchorng i at structure for quick,

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The theoretical productivity of HZS90 cement concrete equipment is 90m3/h. However, according to the actual operation of the concrete batching plant, there are many factors restricting the operation method of the concrete batching plant, the rationality and quality of equipment installation, etc. these factors account for a large factor in the

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Original brochure, 44 pages, A5-6. This applies to letters weighing more than 1 kilogram. C ondition in the image.

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Concrete cylinder diameter 9" (230mm) 9 Max strokes per minute — rod side 21 31 piston side 13 21 Vibrator Standard tandard Hydraulic system Free Flow ow Differential cylinder diameter 5 .1" (130mm ) 55" 140mm 2.5 " (63mm) 2.5 365˚ * ** BOOM PUMP Fully Proportional Cable Remote Like Putzmeister's advanced radio remote technology, the

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Work with Putzmeister, because everything fits A vision is only good when it is feasible – we make it happen We cannot assume responsibility for managing your projects but can make a significant contribution to ensuring they succeed: With distributor booms between 20 and 70 m in length that cover a wide range of horizontal and vertical reaches encountered in all customary truck-mounted

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The new boom at a glance O Around 20 m vertical reach with 4 arms in roll Z-folding O Direct response characteristics of the boom control O Standard pump line DN 125/5.5" O onal) EBi C opt (for vibration damping, one-handed control and restriction of workspace O Low unfolding height of 3.9 m 20-4, this is about a 20 m vertical reach

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Putzmeister Model Range USSR Edition Concrete Pumps Truck Brochure Prospekt $ 11.99. Add to cart. Putzmeister M 24-4 Multi-Z Concrete Pumps Mercedes Truck Brochure Prospekt $ 4.99. Add to cart. Putzmeister M 52 Concrete Pumps MAN Truck Brochure Prospekt Add to cart. Klein Betonpumpen Concrete Pump Truck Brochure Prospekt $ 3.99. Add to cart

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For concrete pump mechanics Training and development seminars on concrete pump For concrete pump machinists and mechanics Practical days in Aichtal Training: Handover and induction, on-the-job training For workshop managers and foremen Overview of current developments in Putzmeister concrete pumps

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Putzmeister Concrete Pumps GmbH Max-Eyth-Straße 10 · 72631 Aichtal Postfach 2152 · 72629 Aichtal Tel. +49 (7127) 599-0 · Fax +49 (7127) 599-520 [email protected] · .putzmeister.com Further brochures: Ergonic® BP 3763 Stationary concrete pumps BP 2632 Delivery line systems PM 2300

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Compact Truck-Mounted Concrete Pump with Flexible 4-Arm-Boom for a Low Unfolding Height The Putzmeister M20-4 truck-mounted concrete pump is an agile machine that can be used in a wide range of applications, including handling low to mid volumes concrete pours at small and tight constructions sites, pours inside buildings which require low unfolding height, and for refurbishment work.

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Putzmeister M38-5 is the perfect truck-mounted concrete pump for medium to high-volume concrete pours. It can also be used for universal job sites. It is consistently efficient thanks to clever ergonomic design. It is also safer than before considering the current standards and guidelines.

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Putzmeister trailer concrete pumps are and MX 32 stationary booms. High-. based on technical pioneer achieve- pressure concrete has been successfully. ments. They keep attaining new records pumped to heights in excess of 400 m. in high-rise and long-distance convey- (as of March 2007) and then poured.

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alternative to truck-mounted concrete pumps, stationary booms or delivery lines, when it comes to distributing concrete over a wide range. Alternatively, they are used in combination with placing systems in order to extend their areas of application. They are easy to relocate by crane once concreting of a particular area is finished.

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Truck-mounted concrete pump M 24-4 Small on space requirement but big on usefulness. Open the catalog to page 1. M 24-4 – the specialist in low buildings, tunnels, under bridges, for renovations…. Superior performance when concreting in low buildings – thanks to low unfolding height and flexible roll-Z-fold system Concreting where space

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The Putzmeister M53-6 truck-mounted concrete pump is a first-class investment for high aims. It is perfect for job sites which require flexible boom or high ceiling concreting.