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Sika® Fiber Force is the macro-synthetic fiber product range from Sika. The Sika fibers provide excellent yielding characteristics within the shotcrete liner or specific concrete structures such as slabs and piles. The fibers can be sourced in different packaging options including handy fiber-packs that easily dissolve in the wet concrete mix.

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Sikadur®-53 CA is a two-component structural grout based on epoxy resin, designed for injection, anchoring, and seating applications and for use at temperatures between 5 and 30 °C. Applicable for gravity feeding or pressure injection of cracks widths ranging from 0.5 to 30mm (0.02 to 1.18 in)

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to 15 cm in one pass, dosage is between 3% and 6% of weight of binder. Dosage of Sigunit ®-P1 AF is by peristaltic pump such as the Sika ® Aliva-403 pump. Optimised mixing with the concrete mix is also essential. The following Sika ® products are generally used for the basic shotcrete mix : - Sika ® ViscoCrete SC-305 - SikaTard ®-203

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Aliva® equipment is a division of Sika AG in Switzerland. For more than half a century, Aliva® has been active in the field of shotcrete as a specialist in designing and manufacturing robust and flexible rotary spray machines, concrete pumps, dosing units, telescopic spray booms and special shotcrete spraying systems for TBMs.

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Todd Spindler, Sika Corporation high pressure shotcrete •Select appropriate repair mortar –Cementitious, polymer modified, silica fume enhanced, fiber reinforced, air entrained, corrosion inhibitor requirements (for special results!) CP1 –PRECAST CONCRETE REPAIR

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4 - 8 % by weight of binder for layer thicknesses of up to 10 cm in one pass. Higher dosages by weight of binder can be used depending on the mix design, raw materials, climatic conditions and concrete requirements. We recommend to dosage by peristaltic pump such as a Sika® Aliva-403 Pump.

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Pump Discharge. 3 Inch (75 mm) Fuel Tank. 11 gal. (42 l.) Height (Top of Receiving Hopper) 45 Inch (114 cm) The Blastcrete Model RD6536 Pump is our concrete pump with variable speed from 0-25 cubic yards per hour. This pump is designed to pump up to 3/4 inch aggregate concrete, concrete block fill (grout), shotcrete, floor leveling cement, mud

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8 3 pH 3 – 8 Safe range for human tissue and vascular system Sigunite AF Liquid pH value Without SikaPump: jerky feed pressure Pump pressure during concrete delivery With SikaPump: steady feed pressure 160 120 80 40 0 160 120 80 40 0 bar bar Parameters influencing the rebound quantity Layer thickness Grading curve Substrate condition Jet

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Oct 31, 2008 · Mechanical mixing is necessary. For a large batch use an approved grout mixer and for a small batch (up to two bags at a time), use a heavy duty slow speed (approx. 600 rpm) drill fitted with a grout stirrer. Place approximately 80% of the water in the mixer. Keeping the mixer running, add CONSTRUCTION GROUT slowly.

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Putzmeister offers efficient solutions for many other applications, e.g. bored pile foundations with self-driving concrete pumps on a crawler chassis. Just ask us. 1 Tunnel stabilisation with the. Sika-PM500PC shotcrete manipulator. 2 Slope reinforcement. 3 Manual shotcrete application. 4 …

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SikaPump®-Start 1- Lubricant for concrete pumps, significantly reducing the friction between concrete and hoses/pipes, during the start-up of the pumping process. SikaShot® – Highly accelerated spray mortar for consolidating and pre-sealing the substrate. Ideal pretreatment under difficult conditions for the optimum shotcrete lining.

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Ventures Equipment Concrete Grout Pump 3/8 SPECIAL. The Ventures Equipment 3/8 Special Concrete Pump is built to be rugged robust and reliable. Utilizing the latest technology in progressive cavity pumping combined with proven variable speed hydraulics the 3/8 Special offers simple and reliable operation. Get Price

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Oct 04, 2015 · Accelerator is a common additive in anchorage shotcrete which significantly reduces the time frame for concrete grout to consolidate, accelerates the hardening process of the cement, ensures the achievement of sufficient concrete strength in a short time frame, and reduces the rebound rate and improves productivity [1–3]. Since wet shotcrete


Refer to Sika® Antisol®-250 W product data sheet for use. APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS SURFACE PREPARATION Surface must be clean and sound. Remove all deteriorated concrete, dirt, oil, grease, and other bond-inhibiting materials from the area to be repaired. Be sure repair area is not less than 3/8…

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Sprayed concrete is characterized by high flexibility, good economics and good physical properties. It requires the combination of advanced concrete admixture chemistry and modern materials handling technology. Nevertheless, the advantage over conventional concreting methods is outstanding: the application of concrete without any formwork.

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The Aliva-263 is a very sturdily constructed two-axle concrete spraying machine for the processing of wet or dry mix. The machine is suitable either for manual spraying or by means of a robotic arm. The Aliva-263 is developed for the application of shotcrete in tunnels mines and slopes. Get Price.

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Nov 10, 2009 · Aci Library Listing Kefid - Free download as Excel Spreadsheet (.xls), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free.

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Sika® Stabilizer TBM TS1 First-fill tail seal sealant. Sika® Stabilizer TBM TS2 Tail seal sealant for TBMs. Sika® Stabilizer TBM TS3 Non-flammable tail seal sealant for TBMs. MAIN DRIVE SEALANT TAIL SEAL SEALANTS 1 Sika® Stabilizer TBM H 1 Wire brush 2 Tailskin 3 Backfill 4 Grease lines 5 Concrete segment 6 Sika® Stabilizer 7 Ground 2

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32 NEW ADMIXTURES FOR HIGH PERFORMANCE SHOTCRETE. Figure 3. 2. No time spent on mesh installation. Additionally, there is no time lost in change of operations three times, as when using mesh. On blasted rock surfaces, theoretical thicknesses of 100 to 150 mm with mesh, normally requires about 50% extra concrete to cover the mesh. 3.